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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Promotion and distribution of Smart Materials solutions

CEDRATEC INDIA PVT LTD, located in Bengalore, is officially nominated to promote and distribute SMART MATERIALS solutions in India. Some piezo composite materials and systems are presented here below.

The Macro Fiber Composite (MFC) is the leading low-profile actuator and sensor offering high performance, flexibility and reliability in a cost- competitive device. The MFC was invented by NASA in 1999. In 2002, Smart Material started commercializing this patented invention worldwide as its licensed manufacturer and distributor. Since then, the MFC has been continuously improved and customized to fit customers’ specific needs and to meet the requirements for new applications. Discover the demo of MFC.

Benefits and features:

  • Flexible, durable and reliable
  • Increased strain actuator efficiency
  • Directional actuation and sensing
  • Damage-tolerant
  • Available as elongator (d33 mode) and contractor (d31 mode)
  • ...

The MFC consists of rectangular piezo ceramic rods sandwiched between layers of adhesive, electrodes, and polyimide film. The electrodes are attached to the film in an interdigitated pattern which transfers the applied voltage directly to and from the ribbon-shaped rods. This assembly enables in-plane poling, actuation, and sensing in a sealed and durable, ready-to-use package. The MFC can also be applied (normally bonded) as a thin, surface-conformable sheet to various types of structures, or embedded in a composite structure. If voltage is applied, it will bend or distort materials, counteract vibrations, or generate vibrations. If no voltage is applied it can work as a very sensitive strain gauge, sensing deformations, noise, and vibrations. The MFC is also an excellent device to harvest energy from vibrations.

 The MFC is also an excellent device to harvest energy from vibrations. The MFC is available in d33 and d31 operational mode, a unique feature of the Macro Fiber Composite.


MFC P1 type (d33 effect), Elongator

The P1 type MFCs, including the F1 and S1 types, utilize the d33 effect for actuation and will elongate up to 1800ppm if operated at the maximum voltage rate of -500V to +1500V. The P1 type MFCs are also very sensitive strain sensors. For data sheets of MFC P1 type.

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MFC P2 type (d31 effect), Contractor

The P2 and P3 type MFCs utilize the d31 effect for actuation and will contract up to 750ppm if operated at the maximum voltage rate of -60V to +360V. The P2 and P3 type MFCs are mostly used for energy harvesting and as strain sensors. For datasheet of P2 and P3 types.

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Smart Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit

This development kit consists of a simple desktop shaker with a suitable power amplifier unit, several MFC generator structures and three electronic modules with different harvesting and conditioning circuits. It enables scientists with mechanical and electrical engineering background to study the relations between mechanical input parameters and electrical outputs.

The excitation for the harvester can be applied either using an internal sine wave generator or alternatively, a sampled signal from a real environment supplied to the 0dB external source input.

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Simple LED Cantilever Demonstrator

A simple energy harvester demonstrator comprised of a glass fiber beam, and one M8528P2 MFC for harvesting energy by shaking the unit. The demonstrator has an integrated rectifier with three LEDs, which will light up one by one depending on the frequency and the amount of acceleration one can induce by shaking the unit.

The demonstrator is great for educational use or simply showing how much energy can be generated by simply shaking a beam.

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A wide range of Electronics like High voltage Single , dual channel, four channel  power amplifier are available with various output current rating.

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